Sunday, January 27, 2013

I am part of a small group that meets each month to try new fiber art techniques.  We made silk screens and used them to create a piece that was 8.5 by 11 inches.  I use an old Thermofax machine to prepare my screens.  I screened circles onto a piece of my hand dyed linen.  I then used metallic thread and green thread to emphasize some of the circles.  I began with flower circles but changed them for buttons.   The various sizes and shapes of the buttons represent diversity.  They are connected by the circles.

We are all connected in some way.  I love the quote by Chief Seattle that says we are all bound together - that all things connect.

This is the beginning of "Connections".  The circles have been screened on and embroidered by hand and machine.

"Connections" with flower embellishment. 
 I took these off and added buttons.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Amid the noisy revelers and the screaming fireworks
The New Year eases in, shrouded in smoke and fog
It brings the promise of a new beginning
You can put aside the heartaches, harsh words and failures of the past year- and reach for the gifts....

Faith - the substance of things hoped for - the evidence of things not seen.  Grace - freely given love and favor.
True friends - loyal in your trials and triumphs.
The belief that your bruised soul will be soothed and you will be covered with a blanket of peace and serenity.
And inner courage to support you till you are strong enough to stand alone.         E. C.

The first day of this new year is overcast and rainy, but I took a walk and looked for inspiration and something beautiful. Look what I found - a lovely camellia.