Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fabric Collage Class

Mary Ingalls and I taught a "Fabric Collage" class at the Livingston Branch Library last week. We provided students with a background fabric, a TAPPED photo and quote, and fabric scraps. We showed samples and demonstrated the TAP product. Below are some of the "works in progress". TAP stands for Transfer Artitst Paper, a product from Lesley Riley.
Sharon arranges birds around "Evangeline" sitting under an oak tree in the forest. She uses a frame to control the size of her project.

Joan used a photo of two birds in a tree and created this image on a piece of my hand dyed fabric.

This piece uses a photo of my husband's amarylis garden. The quote is "Earth laughs in flowers."

Laura Varnida, one of the librarians, created this piece using a photo of a sailboat from a vintage music sheet.

Silk Screen Images

A student of Mary Ingalls works on a piece with a silk screened quote. She is adding fibers to enhance her work.

SOLD! This piece was called "Red Circles in a Black Forest". Red circles and yellow highlights were silk screened on using fabric paints on black and white commercial fabric. The silk screened sections were thread painted.

"One Red Circle" is in an 8"X10" frame and is 5"X7". The red and yellow designs are silk screened with fabric paint onto black and white commercial fabric.

This is a rusted piece of cotton with a silk screened nautilus shell. It is a work in progress. more photos will be posted as I work on it.
Thermofax Screen Services

I was fortunate to receive a grant from the Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation that allowed me to aquire a Thermofax Imaging Machine. I can prepare screens for printing. I can make screens from your black and white designs. I also conduct workshops teaching you to create your own. Thermofax screens allow you to add a visual dimension to your work with paint, inks and dyes.

Fees for thermofax services:

Size 8" X 10" screen................$10

Size 4" X 5" screen.................$5

Instruction in screen preparation........$20